Our team not only makes up who we are as a company, but creates excellence in what we do for our clients. With a broad range of skills, varying personalities and a healthy mix of strengths, the Momentum team has what it takes to provide outstanding IT service to our customer base.


Marc Allen


A former All-American basketball player and Mobilian, Marc leads Momentum with clarity and integrity, constantly evaluating how we can improve our services. With over 20 years in the IT industry, there isn’t much that Marc hasn’t seen or experienced. His background and reputation in the IT sector is the foundation from which our reputation is built.


Ed Felty

Systems Administrator

As a former swimmer at Penn State, Ed has the character and work ethic to design, implement and manage even the most complex project. He brings a determined, but encouraging energy to all our customers and is a fantastic addition to our team, we just hope we never have to meet him in the pool!


Jennifer Allen

Officer Manager

If it requires style, finesse and structure all with a nurturing touch, Jennifer is the lady to look to. She is at the heart of all of our success with her organization and efficiency. Also a native Mobilian, Jennifer graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Psychology; something that comes in extremely handy with this team!


Matthew Lollar

Sales Consultant

A transplant to Mobile from Sheffield, England; Matthew has a background in IT sales consultancy and customer service. Don’t let the British in him fool you, his passion for smoking his own southern BBQ is almost equal to that of his love for his customers. Strong communication skills and the ability to understand customer’s needs make Matthew a considerable asset to our team.

Chris Dow, CTO

Walton Matthews

Level 1 Technician

A native of Mobile and a die-hard Alabama football fan, Walton joins the Momentum team as an IT technician. With an extensive background in customer service and sales, Walton is a dynamic asset to our team and to our customers. He brings kindness and warmth to all he comes into contact with unless of course, you're an Auburn fan!

Chris Dow

Chief Technical Officer

With more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Chris joins the Momentum team as our CTO. Originally from the New England area (Go Pats!), the warm and balmy temps of lower Alabama have kept him living along the Gulf Coast. Chris's technical expertise and project management experience make him a critical asset to our team.