Managed Service Agreements

We want to be your OUtsourced IT DEPARTMENT

Why Managed Services?

We want to be your outsourced IT department, taking on responsibilities as if we were an in-house team, freeing you from the difficulties of managing your own IT administration and allowing you to focus on the core of your business while we safely handle the IT. A service agreement enables us to adequately monitor and maintain your network and infrastructure, allowing your business to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption.

At Momentum, we take a proactive approach to all of our services, not just the IT support. So while we monitor, maintain and update your networks daily to avoid potential problems; we also communicate clearly and timely throughout the process giving you peace of mind that a technician is working to resolve your issue. When we need to be reactive, we do so with speed and earnestness to minimize downtime. We’ve never had a customer complain because we’ve over communicated, and we don’t think they ever will.

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data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protecting Your Data Like It’s our Own

Protecting the Core of Your Business

Protecting your data is a crucial focus of our managed services. We know that having backups to your data is fundamental for various reasons from downtime to redundancy. Backup images of the entire server are captured in real time by our best-in-class cloud backup provider. Those images are monitored and maintained by Momentum and stored both onsite at your business and offsite. These images can then be used to restore individual files/folders or an entire machine. In the event of a major hardware failure, the image level backups are restored to new hardware with the push of a button. Momentum can also provide bi-annual fire-drill testing using virtual servers, and quarterly test data restores.

  • Fast Disaster Recovery (less than 4 hours of downtime)

  • Data can be stored onsite & offsite.

  • Emergency onsite virtual server setup available

  • Options to work from the cloud, in case of a natural disaster

Email Management

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

If you're looking for the industry-leading, business-class email solution, you'll find it with Momentum and Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft hosted exchange server has guaranteed up-time with built-in malware protection and anti-spam filtering to guard your email against those ever-present security threats. Office 365 syncs emails, calendars and contact information across your devices in real time. So it's up to date, no matter where you are or what device is in your hand.

  • Email and Calendaring

    • hosting with 50 GB mailbox

    • Use your own custom domain name 

    • Schedule meetings and respond to invitations with ease using shared calendars

  • Web & mobile versions of Microsoft Office applications

    • Web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote

    • Real-time co-authoring so multiple users can work in the same document, simultaneously

  • File storage and sharing

    • 1 TB of OneDrive storage for file storage and sharing

    • Work on a file and save it directly to OneDrive or SharePoint; your changes are updated across your sync’d devices

    • Securely share documents and send emails so only those with the right permissions can access the information

    • Access and sync files on PC or Mac and mobile devices

  • Security & compliance

    • Protect your email against spam, malware, and known threats with Exchange Online Protection

    • Meets key international, regional, and industry-specific standards and terms, with more than 1,000 security and privacy controls

    • Control who and when someone has access to your business information with security groups and custom permissions

    • Create password policies that require users to reset their passwords after a specified number of days

Cyber Security

Protecting your network from cyber threats

It Happens Everyday

In a world with spoofs, crypto viruses, whaling, DDoS, phishing, and malware attacks, Momentum IT Services is committed to keeping your small business secure. Studies have shown that as much as 47% of security incidents come from user error. Whether the threat to your business is external or internal, we configure your networks from top to bottom with security in mind. Not only do we use best-in-class solutions but we can also provide practical training and user education on how to avoid security breaches. Momentum offers layered corporate security and protection against malware and data loss risks for both your company workstations and servers. Your subscription to our managed services includes pro-active antivirus dashboard monitoring.

With certified security experts on staff, our team can provide a wide array of cyber security services to include:

  • Security Assessments

  • Compliance Audits and Assistance

  • Advanced Threat Protection

  • Firewall and System Monitoring

  • Written Security Policies

  • Staff and User Cyber Security Training

  • Managed Security and Service Agreements

VoIP Phones

Cost effective and performance driven


VoIP Telephone Services

Voice over IP (internet protocol) phones are an excellent product for businesses who rely on voice services. Compared to traditional telephone systems, cloud-based VoIP phones reduce infrastructure investment and slash monthly telephone service costs. Easy to scale and with extremely reliable call quality, our VoIP solution also includes voice mailboxes, voicemail to email, ring groups, business hour rules and a vast number of other features. Let Momentum analyze your current usage and determine the best plan for your business.


Relocation & Projects

helping you at whatever stagE you’re in


A Smooth Transition

Moving can be messy enough without the complication of moving all the IT equipment as well. Relocation and installation is something we specialize in, so whether you are moving offices or have a brand new project that needs to be implemented, Momentum IT Services has the skill set required to get the job done right the first time. At the heart of our project design, we focus on our customer’s needs in order to minimize downtime and disruption to your business.