About Momentum

Our Story

Marc Allen founded Momentum IT Services in 2010, based on the notion that "The Cloud" would change the way IT services are delivered to businesses. Momentum is committed to delivering the most cost-effective and reliable IT services to its customers based on their business needs. Momentum has expanded to support over 40 fine local companies and is growing every day.

Our Mission   

To provide IT tranquility. To provide our clients with the utmost in service, integrity, efficiency and value.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be "your outsourced IT department". We believe that we have the skills and talents necessary to remove technological difficulties, increase productivity and improve efficiency for business. We are looking to partner with small and medium sized businesses along the Gulf Coast who rely on technology in day to day business function and who value the role we play in supporting that technology.

Our Values

Our cores values are our identity, they are our culture and they are our constant ambition. We believe our values can be summed up in 4 key characteristics.

  1. P - People Smart

  2. A - Attention to Detail

  3. T - Teamwork

  4. H - Hungry

Expectation of Ourselves

  • We act and speak with honesty and integrity. We will do the right thing. We will do what we say we will do.

  • We practice gratitude and humility, alongside confidence.  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients and are quietly confident in ourselves and our I.T. business solutions.

  • We are accountable. Both client and company expectations are well defined and team members are held to them. We all have a specific role to play in the overall success of client relationships and the company at large.

  • We are team players. We can be successful when our clients are successful. We all win together. We put others first and ourselves second. We do whatever it takes in every situation to provide excellent customer service.

  • We stay hungry for achievement. Opportunity is based on merit.  Achievement is earned; not entitled. We do not take our customer relationships for granted.  We employ rugged self-starters who take initiative, work through obstacles and do not give up until a solution is found for our clients.

  • We strive for continuous improvement. Striving for excellence both personally and professionally is imperative. We take pride in our work and practice fanatical attention to consistency and detail.

  • We will give back to our community and our world.  Our generosity flows from our gratitude for the opportunity to serve our clients and for our hardworking Momentum family.